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Punta Negra

Immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility and harmony.

Located on the hills of Tecina, you will find our beautiful Canary style Villas in a very exclusive and spectacular location called Punta Negra.

Peaceful and extraordinary lavish surroundings, with magnificent gardens nurturing more than 200 botanical species and breath taking views.

Punta Negra is indeed a hidden paradise on earth.

Villas Parque Mirador

On the sun soaked, southern shores of La Gomera named Santa Ana, The villas Parque Mirador, with the beauty and purity of its surroundings, offer you a unique experience and opportunity to relax and unwind.

The perfect blend of modern and traditional architecture an the stunning panoramic view over the Atlantic Ocean, merging together, into the ideal holiday destination.

Casa Albersequi

This idyllic beachfront house is situated in a peaceful area of Playa de Santiago, in a small historic quarter, that runs along the beach front, with banana plantations and magnificent mountains as a background.

The ideal destination for rest and relaxation with the Atlantic Ocean as a magnificent neighbor.

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